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Sales order processing in Aphix PocketShop

Purpose and scope

Aphix PocketShop has a three step process to compile and place orders in real-time into your ERP. While your customers can add items to the cart whether you are online or offline, you can only place the order while you are online. This ensures that the cart calculation is done immediately prior to placing the order, meaning that the most up to date prices have been obtained from your ERP.

The purpose of this feature guide is to outline the sales order processing works in PocketShop. It provides lists to tasks associated with sales order processing.


Key benefits of using sales order processing in PocketShop are:

  • Fast and efficient way of placing orders. 

  • Reduces potential errors in placing orders because the order you place goes directly to your ERP with the appropriate status. Once the order has been placed in your ERP, it follows your business' order fulfillment process with no need to re-enter order data.

  • Easy to locate products to order - using search, the barcode scanner, browsing the catalogue or selecting your favourites or recent orders.

  • Pricing and stock information are accurate and up-to-date since real-time price calculations are performed immediately prior to placing your order.


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