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Clicking Transactions opens a listing of recent orders. This information is extracted from your ERP, and cannot be edited within PocketShop.

User interface element



Top bar

Contains the set of options that are available on all PocketShop screens.



Contains a listing of recent transactions, under the following headings

  • Order number

  • Order data

  • Gross amount

  • Order type - either invoices (I) or credit notes (CR)


Contains an example transaction. Click on the transaction to display the order type associated with it.

This transaction has the following values:

Order number = APP996

Order date = 24/07/2019

Gross amount = $583.01

Order type = I (invoice)

In this example, when you click the transaction an invoice associated with the transaction is displayed.



Order number


Customer that the order was invoiced by


Product details

For each product that is in the order, the following data is displayed:

  • product code (SKU),

  • quantity of product purchased

  • product unit price

  • net amount for each product



Date that the order was placed


Customer that the order was invoiced to


Order price details, including

  • Net total

  • VAT total

  • Gross amount

Retrieving and storing data

Key notes about transactions data

  • Data is retrieved from your ERP when you initially log in. The data is stored locally within the PocketShop application.

  • Data is retrieved from your ERP each time you select this option. The data is then stored locally within the PocketShop application.

SAP Business One

PocketShop Screen Name | Field Name

SAP B1 Table

SAP B1 Tab | Field


  • Transactions | Order Number

  • View Invoice | Reference



Internal Aphix Digital Platform reference

  • Transactions | Order Date

  • View Invoice | Date

A/R Invoice

General area (above tabs) | Document Date

  • Transactions | Gross Amount

  • Transactions | Gross Total

A/R Invoice

General area (below tabs) | Total

Transactions | Order type

View Invoice | Invoiced by

View Invoice | Invoiced to

Business Partner Master Data

Contact persons tab | Contact ID

View Invoice | Product1

A/R Invoice

Contents tab | Item No.

View Invoice | Quantity1

A/R Invoice

Contents tab | Quantity

View Invoice | Unit Price1

A/R Invoice

Contents tab | Unit Price

View Invoice | Net Amount1

A/R Invoice

Contents tab | Total (Doc)

View Invoice | VAT Total2

A/R Invoice

General area (below tabs) | Tax

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