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How do I manage Wufoo forms in Aphix Management Interface?

Purpose and scope

Wufoo (by SurveyMonkey) is an online form builder, which allows you to collect data and to automate your workflow.

Once you have set up your Wufoo integration, you manage the forms from within Management Interface, making it easier and more time-efficient to gather and process data.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to manage Wufoo forms.

Step by step

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open Wufoo forms

  1. Click Settings, located under Configuration on your Management Interface. This opens Settings.

  2. Select Wufoo forms. This opens a list of Wufoo forms that you can work with.

Why can't I see the Wufoo forms menu option?

The most likely reason is that your Wufoo API key has not been configured yet in your Management Interface. Read How do I set up Wufoo integration? for information on how to do this.

Action 1: View list of integrated Wufoo forms


Your online forms must be created on the Wufoo platform before they can be integrated into Aphix.

Data is retrieved from Wufoo, and displayed as a list. This displays the following information:



Local ID

Identifier used to identify and manage the form's data within Aphix software


Name of the Wufoo form


Unique hash for this form generated by Wufoo


Number of fields in your form. You can edit these fields and configure them with default values


Number of times the form has been filled in and submitted by your customer(s)

While online, the list of Wufoo forms are retrieved in real-time.

However, Aphix Management Interface maintains a cached version of this list, which is used should the connection between Wufoo and Aphix not operate for any reason. A warning is displayed if the API cannot be reached, and the data retrieved from Wufoo. If the API is not available or unreachable, the cached forms and fields are displayed. You can use these to edit fields or assign values. cached forms and fields can be edited. 

Changes made to a cached versions may be overwritten when the connection between Wufoo and Aphix is re-established.

Acton 2: Configure default values for each form field

  • To edit the form, click the Edit icon under Action. This opens the Wufoo form, and allows you to update the pre-configured drop-down list under each field name.

  • Select the appropriate value for each field. 

Key points

  • The #Fields data point contains the number of fields in your form.

  • The table lists the values that are supported by default.

Customer data supported

Product data supported

Currently, only the phone number and email address of the customer are supported. 

  • When you use contact name, the customer's name is used rather than the current logged in person's details.

  • Custom fields exist in Wufoo (for example, "Address set") which have specific formatting that we currently do not support.

  • Use text input should you wish to pre-populate a contact phone number.

Customer code

Product name

Customer name

Product description

Customer address 

Product code (SKU)

Customer phone number

Product status

Customer fax number

Product type

Customer email address

Customer delivery address

Customer cart format

Customer contact name

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