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Screen layout: Catalogue


The Catalogue option brings together features that are associated with your product catalogue.

How it fits together

The Catalogue option brings together features that are associated with your product catalogue. Menu options are:

  • Products

  • Import from ERP

  • Import & Export

  • Categories

  • Product Options

  • Product Specifications

By default, the Products screen is displayed when you select Catalogue.


The Products screen displays a list of products contained in your catalogue.

Available actions

  1. From the ‘With Selected’ dropdown menu. you can

    • export a subset of products

    • mark a subset of products as Visible or Invisible

    • set a subset of products as Featured. This displays them in the Featured section on your Aphix WebShop.

  2. Change the language that your Aphix WebShop is displayed in. Only visible if you have configured multiple languages.

  3. Search for a product.

  4. Filter products by status, type, featured or special.

  5. Edit or view a specific product.

Read the feature guide on Understanding product administration in Aphix WebShop for more information.

Import from ERP

The Import from ERP screen allows you to search for an existing product in your catalogue. Both your imported catalogue and the catalogue in your ERP are searched for the product code you have entered.

Import & Export

Import and export product data using the Import & Export screen.

Actions available

  1. Import tab

  2. Export tab


The Categories screen displays a hierarchal representation of your product catalogue

Actions available

  1. Change the language your product catalogue is displayed in. Only available if your Aphix WebShop is available in multiple languages.

  2. Edit a specific category.

  3. Click Download to open the Custom Reports tool, which allows you to download category information as an .xls spreadsheet.

Product Options

A product option is a variation of a particular product, which the customer can select when they purchase the product; for example, a pair of shoes could have 5 size options and 4 colour options. Create new and manage existing product options from the Product Options screen.

Product Specifications

A product specification contains product technical information, such as colour, size, weight, dimensions and so on, of a product. A typical product specification includes data that would appear on a product data sheet. Typically, it is displayed either as a tab or section on the product details page or screen.

Paired Products

This feature is not a standard feature.

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