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Understanding import monitoring

Purpose and scope

Supported on SAP Business One and Intact iQ using REST API

Aphix software integrates seamlessly with your ERP, displaying real-time pricing and stock data on your WebShop. Data imports from your ERP to WebShop are run automatically and regularly to ensure that the data is accurate and complete. The Import Monitoring feature is an optional feature that provides additional assurance that all data items in an import have been retrieved from your ERP. If an issue occurs, the import stops and all data is deleted.

This feature guide explains how this feature works, and lists key tasks associated with enabling and using it.

Introducing terms and concepts used in this article



Application Programming Interface

(API), which is an interface that allows two different computer systems interact with each other. It consists of a number of rules (also known as endpoints) that request data from the other system and receive and process responses from that system.

Web service

service that allows two disparate systems communicate with each other via a standard messaging system.

How it fits together

Typically, an automatic import of your pricing and stock data is executed regularly once you are using our platform. In some scenarios, a manual import of your pricing and stock data can be executed by our support team. In both cases, web service calls are used to retrieve data directly from your ERP, and the data returned is updated onto your WebShop.

When the Import Monitoring feature is not enabled, the import process verifies that it has access to your web services. If access is available, then the import is commenced. Should an issue occur while the import process is running, the import may need to be rerun. Our support team can help you with this.

When the Import Monitoring feature is enabled, the import process verifies that

  • it has access to your web services

  • the number of data items to import equals the number of data items imported when the import process is complete.

If the number imported is less than the expected number, the import process terminates and an email notification is sent to a customizable set of email addresses, so you are aware of the issue and can take appropriate actions. If the import process terminates in this way, no data is uploaded to your WebShop.


Enable Import Monitoring


For new customers, import monitoring is enabled by your consultant when you are set up on our platform.

For existing customers, import monitoring is enabled by Customer Support. Contact our support team for more information on enabling this feature.

Update who receives email notifications


Email notifications are sent to a list of email addresses which you supply when Import Monitoring is enabled. You may wish to update this list.

Contact our support team to update where email notifications are sent.


Include our support email address on the email notification list so that we are also aware if an issue occurs with your data import.

As a merchant, what steps do I take when I receive an email notification that there may be an issue with my import?

Steps to take

Should you get an email notification, check the status of your web services. If they are offline, follow the steps outlined in What steps can I take when my WebShop or SalesRep is offline?

If you run into difficulties, please contact our support team who have access to internal tools which will aid them in their investigation, and can advise you what actions can be taken next to resolve the issue.

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