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Using Service Desk

Purpose and scope

Customer Service Desk adds an online communications channel to your WebShop. Once installed and activated, your customers can add queries and comments to their sales orders, quotations, invoices and credit notes from within their WebShop dashboard. As the merchant, you can view, sort and respond to customers' messages from within Management Interface.

This article describes Service Desk and how to set it up and use it.


Key benefit is:

  • Extends and complements your traditional customer service with an in-software communication channel

How it fits together

Customer Service Desk is an app that is available in our App Store. It adds an online communications channel to your WebShop. This means that your customers can add comments, requests and queries on a particular sales order, quote, invoice or credit notes that they have a query about. You can respond to that query easily, without having to search and locate a particular business document. The app supports;

  • Customer comments

  • Email notifications to keep customers notified

  • Complete conversation history in both WebShop on the relevant business document’s screen and in Management Interface

  • Functionality to filter, sort and search the comments listing screen in Management Interface

More information

Set up

Service Desk is available as an app which you can install and activate from the App Store in Management Interface. For more information, read Using our app store in Management Interface to discover how to install this app. Read How do I configure and manage Service Desk? for information on how to configure and manage this app.

Using Service Desk as a merchant

Management Interface


  • You are logged into Management Interface.

  • Service Desk has been installed and activated.

View comments

When Service Desk is enabled, a new menu option is displayed on the left side menu, as shown. The content body on the right contains a listing of all comments.


To view more information about a specific comment, click the View icon to the right of the comment you wish to expand. This displays a screen with two tabs:

  • Comments tab (shown below) gives a time-stamped list of all comments between you and your customer that have been added to this document.

  • Details tab gives details of the sales order, quotation, invoice or credit note that is being commented on.


Sort comments listing screen

To sort comments on the listing screen, click the column heading that you wish to sort by. For example, when you click Type, the different document types are sorted alphabetically.


Add a comment

To add a comment to a particular document,

  • locate the entry on the listing screen and click the edit icon to the right of the entry. This opens the detailed comment view.

  • enter the comment in the text box and click Add Comment. The comment is immediately saved and displayed on your customer’s WebShop dashboard.


Configure comments screen view

To change the columns you see when you open the Service Desk comments screen, click the Settings cog at the top right of the screen, and select which columns you wish to view. Your settings are maintained if you leave this screen and return to it later.


Using Service Desk as a customer



  • You are logged into WebShop.

  • Service Desk has been installed and activated.

Your customer can view and add comments to the business documents:

  • Quotes, found on the Quotations screen

  • Sales orders, found on the Order history screen

  • Invoices and credit notes, found on the Finance screen


When a comment is added by either the customer or you (the merchant), an email notification is sent to the customer. The customer can quickly open WebShop to see the full conversation history on the related business document.



As a customer, I have placed a quote. I want to increase the number of one of the items I have ordered.

Customer logs into WebShop, opens their quote by clicking Quotations and scrolls to the bottom of the screen.


Customer enters query and clicks Add Comment.


The comment is added with a date and time stamp to Service desk in Management Interface. As a merchant, you view this comment on the Service Desk comment listing screen.


Merchant has added an answer to your query.


The answer is visible on the Quotations screen in WebShop.


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