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How do I manage voucher information?

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, you may want to improve your product offering, by selling gift vouchers or including discount-based coupons on either all or some products in your catalogue. The Coupons feature allows you to create a variety of different discount-based coupons in the Management Interface. The discount-based coupons can be applied to all products in your catalogue, or to products that match specific criteria.

A coupon applies a percentage reduction on some or all products. Coupons can be restricted by product code or by email address.

A voucher applies a fixed amount to be deducted ono the amount due on an order. A voucher can be used multiple times and reduces over time. If the amount of the order is greater than the voucher value, the remaining balance is listed and changed on the final payments page. This could mean that you are charged immediately as a credit card customer, or your credit is reduced by the amount if you are a credit customer. If the amount of the order is less than the voucher value, the order amount is deducted from the voucher, and the voucher balance is reduced by the same amount. The remaining voucher value can be used at a later time.

The purpose of this article is:

  • to define what options you can configure in vouchers and coupons

  • to view high level voucher or coupon information

  • to view or edit a voucher’s or coupon’s configuration options

  • to view an order where a voucher has been applied

Step by step

Step 1: Log into Management Interface

Log in

Log into Management Interface using your username and password. This opens the dashboard of your Management Interface.

Step 2: Open Coupons

  • Click Discounts to open the sub-menu.

  • Click Coupons in this sub-menu. Read Screen layout: Discount for a description of the fields on this screen. This opens a list of all coupons and vouchers that have been created.

Action 1: View or edit voucher & coupon options

View or edit
  • Click the edit icon to the right of the voucher or coupon to view and/or edit configuration options associated with that voucher or coupon.

Configuration fields



Coupon code

Specifies the name of voucher or coupon that is shared with your customers and used by them to avail of the configured discount.

In WebShop, the code is entered on the Cart screen.


Specifies the value of the voucher or coupon.

  • Where discount type is Percentage Coupon, the value represents a percentage of the order total.

  • Where discount type is a Voucher, the value represents a cash amount, which is reduced from the order total.

Minimum cart value

Specifies the minimum cart value that must apply before the coupon or voucher is valid. If left blank, the cart value can be any amount greater than 0.

Minimum cart type

Specifies if the discount is applied to the gross or net value of the order.

Discount type

Discount type, which is one of:

  • Shipping coupon

  • Percentage coupon

  • Voucher

Limit to # of uses

Specifies the number of times the coupon or voucher is valid for

Max usage per email address

Specifies the number of times any particular email address can use the code to obtain the discount.

  • If set to 0, then there is unlimited usage of the code per email address

  • If set to a value greater than 0, a check is made against the number of times a customer’s email address is used to verify that the coupon or voucher is valid. Setting this value automatically restricts the coupon or voucher to the value entered per email address.


Specifies a product list for which the coupon or voucher is applicable.

A dropdown box of product lists is provided. Product lists are set up in Management Interface by selecting Customers → Product lists. Read Understanding product lists for more information.


Specifies the currency of the voucher or coupon. The currency defaults to Any. The drop-down list contains:

  • Any - select if your WebShop has been set up as multi-currency, and the voucher or coupon value is the customer’s currency when the place the order.

  • All currencies that have been configured in your ERP

Auto apply

Indicates whether the voucher or coupon is applied automatically to the order.

  • If set to Yes, the discount is applied to the order automatically.

  • If set to No, the discount is not applied to the order, and the customer must enter a code.

Expiry date

Indicates when the voucher or code expires. After this date, the code will not be applied.


Indicates whether the voucher or code is enabled. It can be set to Live or Disabled.

  • Update the coupon details as required.

Remember to save any changes that you make. Changes are applied immediately to your WebShop.

Action 2: View an order where a voucher has been applied

  • The Coupon Uses tab displays a list of orders for a particular account and email address where the coupon has been applied. This information enforces the “Max usage per email address” option that you can specify for a coupon.

  • Click on Order ID to open a particular order to see the order in more detail. This opens the Orders - View full details of an order screen in the Management Interface.

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