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Digital Marketing SmartPack


Aphix eCommerce is an integrated B2B or B2C web portal, known as WebShop, that provides real time access to product, price and stock levels, with the possibility of gated logins, micro-sites and more. This includes access to Aphix Management Interface, allowing you to customise and manage your WebShop. As standard, we integrate with SAP Business One, Intact iQ and Sage 200 ERPs. 

Our standard eCommerce product comes with 14 feature sets, ranging from content management, to product configuration and catalogue management through to sales order processing, shipping and delivery, pricing and stock and integrating external tools.

We’ve extended our standard product with a SmartPack add-on that supercharges your marketing efforts.

We've called this the Digital Marketing SmartPack. The SmartPack is an add-on with the specific features needed to power up in your industry

Aphix WebShop is SaaS product

Aphix WebShop is a SaaS product, This means that it includes all of the support, regular feature updates, and security monitoring required so that no customer is left behind on older, insecure software and you can concentrate on your core business function. Or you can opt for some additional professional services to help you with your migration and roll-out.

What's included in this SmartPack?

In addition to our standard product, our Digital Marketing SmartPack offers the following features:

  • Integration with Google Shopping

  • Integration with Klaviyo

  • Integration with Flockler

More detail

Integration with Google Shopping

Google Shopping makes it easier for your customers to find information about your products. Our integration syncs your product catalogue with Google Merchant Center. Once synced, your store’s products can be included in Google’s free listings and promoted using Smart Shopping campaigns, and then purchased directly on your Aphix WebShop. Read our feature guide on Integrating Google shopping with Aphix WebShop.

Integration with Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a data-proven marketing platform that allows you to grow and retain your customer base through personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. Our integration syncs your customer data and product catalogue with Klaviyo. Once synced and consent has been given by your customer, Klaviyo uses your customers' interactions with Aphix WebShop to build profiles. From these profiles, you use the Klaviyo platform to build targeted marketing campaigns, and measure their success. For example, you could create a marketing flow that encourages your customers to convert items in a customer's cart into a sale by sending  "Abandoned cart" emails at configurable time periods. Read our feature guide on Integrating Klaviyo with Aphix WebShop.

Integration with Flockler

Flockler is an social media feed aggregator that allows you to combine content from one or more different social media platforms into one automated feed. Our new Flockler feed block type allows you to easily embed and display that automated social media feed on your Aphix WebShop. Read our feature guide on how to add a Flockler social media feed to Aphix WebShop.

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