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April 2020

ERP updates

  • We have updated our SAP services to support SAP Business One V10. The roll-out of these new SAP services is taking place currently.

    Contact support

    Contact our support team at or log case in our support desk if you want access to the updated SAP services now.

  • The updated SAP services support date ranges on quantity breaks.

What's new in Aphix Management Interface?

New Grouped Favourites feature

As a merchant, you want to provide an efficient way for your customers to place orders. One way of achieving this is through the use of Favourites, where your customers can create a list of regularly purchased items and store them in the Favourites section of their WebShop.

Customers can group their favourites into different categories by using the new Grouped Favourites feature. This allows them to filter the products in the catalogue by placing products in different groups. For example, you could have a Favourites group called “Shoes“ containing all shoe products, and another Favourites group called “Socks” containing all sock products. This makes it easier and more efficient to create and place orders.

Additionally, it is possible for you to set up Grouped Favourites and then lock that group. This means that your customers can not remove items from the locked Favourites group.

Check out our feature guides, Managing favourites groups, for more information on how this feature works!

Clone a page feature

Setting up the layout and content of your WebShop so it reflects your branding is very important, but can be time-consuming. Using this new feature, you can now clone either a single page, or a block with all its children.

Check out How do I clone a page? for more information on how to do this.

Improvements in Aphix WebShop

  • By default, Eircodes are validated for Irish addresses during order checkout.
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