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Autumn Release Roundup 2021

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Let's discover together - Aphix Assist is here to help!

Got a question about a feature in one of Aphix Software’s many products? Have a question about why you should add Aphix PocketShop to your sales toolkit? Aphix Assist has arrived. Bookmark and use it to find answers to your Aphix software questions.

Access Aphix Assist directly from Aphix Management Interface by selecting Documentation in the Need Help? menu on the top bar.

Read our blog about Aphix Assist, which gives you more information on its benefits and how to get the information you need.... fast!

Product configuration 

Our standard product configuration feature set lists many different ways to configure your products.

But we think that there's always more to learn on this topic! This month, we're highlighting a product configuration feature that help you access product pages quickly.

Access product pages more easily

Did you know that you can easily create a short link URL of each product page based on its product code or SKU? Use that short link URL on external systems to showcase that product to your customers. Read more in this feature guide on how to Access product page in WebShop using a short link.

This is available for all customers with no change to your system required.

Add footer text to your sales order confirmation email 

The sales order confirmation email is an automatic email that is sent to your customers when they place an order through your Aphix WebShop. Perhaps you wish to thank your customers for their loyal custom. Maybe, you'd like to include general information about shipping or pricing. Potentially, you want to alert your customers to a promotion you think they would be interested in?

You can do this by adding general content to the footer of the sales order confirmation email. Once created and saved, this content is added to all sales order confirmation emails underneath the cart contents and totals information. 

This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you set this up.

New fraud prevention assistance measures on checkout with payment gateways

Integrating a payment gateway into Aphix WebShop provides your customers with additional ways to pay for their orders. However, while it has many benefits, there are some security risks with using a payment gateway. One of these security risks is the ability for bad actors to easily validate stolen credit or debit cards. To mitigate against this risk, we've implemented a rate limit1 on all Aphix WebShops which have an integrated payment gateway. 

Rest assured that this additional measure assists in preventing fraud and thus protects you and your customers even more.

Read more about how this works in our Rate limits on payment gateways feature guide.

1 A rate limit is the maximum number of times an action can be repeated within a certain timeframe.  In this context, the rate limit refers to the number of attempts made to checkout using a payment gateway within one session.

Extension to automatic B2B account creation to exclude certain customer accounts 

For your B2B customers, you can configure WebShop to automatically validate your customer's details against their contact details in your ERP and create their account with that validated data. But, perhaps you have a cash account in your ERP and you do not wish to have an Aphix WebShop account associated with it. Or perhaps there are a certain set of customers that you do not wish to provide this feature to for another business reason.

We've extended this feature's functionality so you can exclude certain customers from automatically a WebShop Instant Account by adding their customer account codes to your configuration. Additionally, in order to protect your customer information, a WebShop Instant Account can never be automatically created using your B2C cash account.

Read How can my B2B customers create a WebShop Instant Account? for more information.

Additional debugging data available

Following on from fixing an issue with the Clear Cache feature, we have added a debug screen to help you identify if the cache was successfully cleared, and to help us get to the bottom of any of this type of issue more quickly.

Contact us  if, after you Clear Cache, the Status is set to "Failed" with the following error "There was an issue clearing the cache, please contact support".

We have additional debugging information stored in relation to this request and can more quickly assess and resolve the issue.

Bug fixes

Incorrectly mapping and displaying special characters

A number of you contacted us about issues with special characters causing unusual behaviour, such as not exporting product or order data correctly and not displaying apostrophe's correctly. We've looked into the code, and modified it so that these special characters are managed in a more friendly way. More detail on special characters in Aphix products can be found in our new Let's troubleshoot space in Aphix Assist!

Incorrectly displaying certain banner management styling options

We were told that modifications to the colour in the editor found in Banners section of Aphix Management Interface were not saved and applied to WebShop. After looking at the code we discovered why this happened (our global template was over-riding your changes) and fixed it. Now you can use the colour palette in the editor to your heart's content!

Product description not fully displayed in Uniform Management reports 

You let us know that the full product descriptions were not displayed on Uniform Management reports and order history screens. We updated the character limit on the appropriate field, and the full descriptions are now displayed.

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