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February 2023

🆕 New features in Aphix WebShop

Introducing our updated Aphix Management Interface layout

Aphix Management Interface, the tool you use to customise and manage your Aphix products, has been refreshed. Last month, we celebrated its release. Read our feature guide on Aphix Management Interface for more information - it describes the controls available on each screen.

Since then, we’ve been improving it, based on your feedback and our internal usage. These improvements cover three main areas:

Improved navigation

We aim to have Aphix Management Interface easy and quick to navigate around. So, when these items were brought to our attention, we fixed them quickly, knowing that they would make a difference to you. So, here’s some of what we improved:

  • Use keyboard controls to carry out tasks quickly on Catalogue and Ordering listing screens. For example, use your spacebar to enable or disable checkboxes and use your arrow keys to move up and now through the listings.

  • The left menu provides you with easier access to more features, making it quicker and easier to get to where you want to go. However, we noticed that it did not maintain its scroll position between screens, which we think may be frustrating. We’ve updated it now, so that when you click on a menu option, its position is maintained.

  • Catalogue, order and customer listing screens contain a lot of data for you to scroll through. We want to make it easier, so we’ve added functionality which reopens the listing screen where you left it to edit or view an item.

Improved user experience

We’ve made a number of changes, so that your experience of using Aphix Managment Interface is seamless and efficient. These include:

  • Banner ads may appear at the top of your dashboard when you open Aphix Management Interface - we use them to tell you about upcoming Product Webinars or other important news. We’ve updated how they operate, so that now they open in a new window; this means that you still have access to this extra information without breaking the flow of your work.

  • You may have products in your catalogue that are restricted, which means that they may be only visible to a certain subset of customers. Clicking “View” on a restricted product resulted in a Page Not Found (404) error. We’ve improved the the listing screen, so that it is clear which products are restricted.

Improved data retrieval and display

  • We want the sales graphs included on our Dashboard to be useful for you, so we’ve added a Custom Range option where you can retrieve and display your “Orders by Value” and “Order by Volume“ data with customisable start and end dates.

  • We updated the Search facility in Categories so that all matching data is returned. Additionally, we expanded the Search facility so that special characters, such as “ or ' can be included as search terms when searching for products, with the appropriate data being retrieved and displayed for you.

We aim to listen to and act on feedback that we receive.

So, keep using our new Management Interface, and if you spot something that is not quite right, please click on the Feedback button (located on the right of each screen) and let us know!

Our current plan is to default to our new Management Interface by the end of Q1.

Watch a product webinar again!

Product Webinar recordings are now available for you to watch again; simply click Product Webinars on the Aphix Assist landing page and select which webinar recording you wish to watch.

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