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January 2023

🆕 New features in Aphix WebShop

Introducing our updated Aphix Management Interface layout

Aphix Management Interface, the tool you use to customise and manage your Aphix products, has been refreshed. Now, existing controls have been updated to be more intuitive and extra functionality has been added to make it easier for you to use.

Key updates include:

  1. Quick links to frequently used menus

  2. Easy access to Support Desk and Aphix Assist

  3. Bulk update orders, products, shipping services and more

  4. Customise your view

  5. Filter items

  6. Updated sales and system data analytics

Watch our video outlining the exciting new updates in Aphix Management Interface:

Or why not read our feature guide on Aphix Management Interface, which describes controls available on all and each screen?

Beta version of Visual Page Builder

Managing content on your WebShop is easy and intuitive through the many content management features that come as standard. We are excited and delighted to share that we’ve a brand new tool to make managing your content even easier and more intuitive!

Visual Page Builder lets you customise content in your Aphix WebShop using intuitive drag and drop functionality and interactive configuration controls so that your brand and content shine. Accessed through Aphix WebShop, it gives you the power and flexibility to add, update and delete content on the go!

Changes are made automatically and immediately to Aphix WebShop.

Visual Page Builder

Read our feature guide on Visual Page Builder in Aphix WebShop for more information. Or get a step by step guide on how to add, edit or delete content using Visual Page Builder?

Want even more information? Why not explore all the available blocks you can use in both Visual Page Builder and Pages?

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