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February 2024

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🆕 New features in WebShop

Updated password policy for Management Interface

These changes are active from 4th March 2024.

We understand that you want to keep the data you store on our eCommerce platform safe and secure. We have improved our password security for Management Interface in line with best practice. Now, we have features that:

  • Validate passwords created to ensure that they are strong passwords. Read What criteria is used for password creation in Management Interface? for more information.

  • Limit the length of time you can use a password for. This is currently set to 30 days, which means that every 30 days you must update your password.

  • Inform you when your password is about to expire so you can update it before your account is locked.

  • Lock Management Interface accounts if the password has expired.

  • Update the status of an administrator account.

We’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions about this, so head over and take a read of More information on our password policy.

Expect a ‘Change your password’ reminder email in late March / early April for existing Management Interface passwords, as the 30 day timer starts on 4th March.

Watch a product webinar again!

Product Webinar recordings are now available for you to watch again; simply click Product Webinars on the Aphix Assist landing page and select which webinar recording you wish to watch.

We’ve updated the Product Webinars area to include the latest webinar on:

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