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January 2021

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

 New features

New payment gateway

We've added another payment gateway!

The Aphix Digital Platform now integrates with MIPS - another PCI_DSS compliant payment gateway. Our MIPS integration supports order payments and payments on account (invoice payments). The Aphix Digital Platform does not store or process your credit card details.

Display unit prices decimals to several decimals

We've added support so you can display unit prices to a configurable number of decimals. Contact us to set this up for you!.

Some examples
Stored priceUnit price rounding valueFormatted result

Key points

  • Enabling this feature changes the formatting of the product unit prices in WebShop.
  • It does not change any pricing calculations that are carried out.
  • It does not change the number of decimal points displayed in other parts of WebShop, such as is the cart.

Support for displaying accurate, real-time stock levels when using selling units and pack sizes

As you know, we already support display of accurate real-time stock levels. We've extended this functionality so we can re-calculate stock levels for those of you who don't want your customers to place orders that you can't fulfil, and where you have one or both of the following features enabled:

  • selling units 
  • pack sizes

This allows features to prevent checkout if the customer is ordering more than is currently available to factor in selling units and pack sizes of the available stock.


A selling unit is an amount that you sell a product in; for examples, metres or litres.

A pack size is the number of units contained in a single product; for example, 100 screws in a box, or 10 bars in a box.

Bug fixes

Conflict when using Order Approval and strict credit together

We discovered that a conflict arose when you were using the Order Approval feature and had the strict credit feature enabled. We dug into the code, found the issue and fixed it. Read here to discover more about our Order Approval feature.

Aphix PocketShop

 New features

Support for displaying quantity breaks table and FROM price

Previously we supported quantity break pricing for all orders placed through PocketShop. We've extended this feature so that you can now see the quantity break table on the product details screen. Additionally, the price tag for the product is set to the lowest price found on the quantity table. It is displayed as "FROM: <amount>" on the product listing for the product.

Key point

If PocketShop is used offline, neither the quantity break table or the FROM price tag are visible. Rather, the price for a single product is displayed.

Additional product attributes

Want your customers to know more about a particular product, such as its "available stock" or "number of sales orders associated with the product"? Or maybe you've got another product characteristic you want to share with your customers? Now you can - we've added additional product attributes to PocketShop! Each attribute, which consists of a name and a value, is retrieved from your ERP and displayed in a table format on the product details screen. 

Let us know what additional product attributes you'd like to see on the product details screen, and we can configure them during your PocketShop Build. This feature works with Intact, SAP Business One and Sage.

Support for additional error checking on checkout 

We've added extra error checking to streamline sales order processing for you. This means that only valid orders that can be fulfilled are added to your ERP via PocketShop.

Depending on which features that are enabled, and how your PocketShop has been configured, each product can have different pricing rules associated with it. When your customer clicks Calculate or Checkout, their cart is checked and the final price calculated. During these cart calculations, PocketShop checks the status of the items in the cart to verify that they can be sold in the quantity that are requested. If the order can not be fulfilled, the order cannot be placed and an message to "Please check your cart" is displayed. Once your customer modifies their cart by removing the issue causing the error, they can place the order successfully.  We've updated our feature guide on Sales order processing in Aphix PocketShop to include details about this additional error checking.


Your customer has put four items of a product into their cart,, where stock availability of that product is 0. The customer clicks Checkout to place the order. PocketShop checks the item status' and determines that there is not stock available to fulfil the order as per the cart rules imported from your ERP. 

PocketShop removes the Place Order button and replaces it with a message for your customer to "Please check your cart".

Bug fixes

Display of product pack size the same across products

Last year, we added a new feature that allows you to display a product pack size if it exists in your ERP. The product pack size is displayed on the product details screen, in search results and in your cart. We've aligned its functionality with WebShop. For you, this means that once you configure your selling units and pack sizes on your ERP, they are imported and displayed in the same way in WebShop and PocketShop.

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