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July 2020

 ERP updates

We’ve been working hard on improving and extending ERP coverage, and this month we’ve got an SAP Business One update to share with you.  

SAP Business One

When your retail customers place an order with payment, an A/R reserve invoice is placed into SAP Business One. This helps your accounts team since they no longer need to enter the invoice and payment into SAP.

What’s new with Aphix Management Interface?

We’ve added an extension to the multi-buy offer so that you can now create offers in a number of ways. Previously, one type of multi-offer was available:

  • “Manual Selection“: buy a certain number of products, and specify which product is free from a specified list of products.

Now, two additional ways of creating multi-buy offers are available:

  • “Cheapest Free“: buy a certain number of products and get the cheapest free from a specified list. In this case, the cheapest product is automatically free.

  • “Trigger Quantity”: buy a certain number of products and get a number free from a specified list. In this case, the cheapest listed products are automatically free.

Read Understanding the Multi-buy Offers feature for more information.

 What's new with Aphix WebShop?

Multi-language support

To support your international sales, we now offer multi-language support for Aphix WebShop. The five languages we support are English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

As we rolled it out, you’ve been telling us about issues you have had with some of the text isn’t yet translated correctly. We’ve fixed them as you share them with us. Keep us on our toes, and we will continue to work hard in getting our multi-language support in good shape in a timely way.

VAT relief for disabled people (UK only)

We understand that in the UK, disabled customers (both disabled individuals or charities supporting them) can avail of VAT relief on certain products. We’ve added in functionality to allow you automatically remove VAT from their orders for these products.


This feature is available for SAP Business One, Sage 200 and Intact.

More information

Read VAT relief for disabled people (UK only) for more information.

 What’s new with Aphix PocketShop?

The Aphix PocketShop search facility provides you with a consistent search experience, where you can enter a product keyword, and find the associated product information quickly and efficiently. You can also browse through the product categories to locate the product you wish to purchase or to identify new products that you’d like to order. Both search options allow you to use PocketShop in a way that suits you - and which makes your ordering process fit into your business processes.

More information

Read our Aphix PocketShop search options on how search options work in Aphix PocketShop.

New customisable content page for “Error 404: Page not found”

To make Aphix WebShop easier to navigate, we’ve introduced the ability to set up a “Error 404: Page not found” as a content page within our content management system. The new 404 content page can include a message about the product that is not visible in addition to including links to “Related Products”. It is customisable using the tools in our content management system.

This offers a better user experience for your customers - they get a friendly message indicating that the product they would like to order is no longer available, and also links to other products they may be interested in purchasing.

Support for ISO 4217 standard for currency codes.

We support the ISO 4217 standard for currency codes. Remember to verify that you are using a valid currency code when you are setting up currencies in your ERP. This reduces conversion errors for you when you are using Aphix.

Bug fixes in Aphix Management Interface

Real-time sales and insights analytics available on your Dashboard

When you log into your Management Interface, your dashboard presents you with sales insights and analytics on your orders which you can segment by order value or volume. You told us that this chart wasn’t updated nightly as we had promised. We’ve delved into the code, and made it better than a nightly update.

Data displayed on the sales insights and analytics dashboard are now real-time. Data is based on orders placed on Aphix products and submitted to your ERP.

Bug fixes in Aphix WebShop

User experience when paying via payment gateway updated to reflect a more accurate payment process

You told us that there was an issue where some of your customers placed orders on credit when they had selected to pay via a payment gateway. We understand that this is confusing both for you as a merchant and for your customers. As a merchant, you may have <link to strict credit limits> enabled and wouldn’t expect a customer to pay on credit when they don’t have sufficient credit available. For your customers, the payment flow doesn’t make sense either since they want to pay upfront for their order, but actually end up putting the order on credit (or the order was refused depending on their credit status).

We examined the code, and discovered that while it looked like your customers were going to pay through a payment gateway, the default was set to “Pay by credit”. We’ve fixed this now, so your customer’s preference is saved in WebShop. If they wish to pay through a payment gateway, this is method that is used for payment. They can change their payment option if they wish to on the payment page, so if they wish to return to paying on credit, they can. The rules in your ERP are followed then.

All content on mobile device visible

We heard from you that when you view your WebShop on a mobile device, some of the content was not linked correctly. For example, if you had a parent page called “About Us” and two child page called “Contact us” and “Case studies” on your navigation bar, only “About Us” was visible in the mobile view. This meant that your customers were missing out on content.

We fixed this by adding in a check to see if child pages exist, and if they do, display them. Now your customers have access to all the great content you create!

Updated to latest payment gateway

You really want to give your customers the options of how they wish to pay - either by credit card or on credit. When your customers want to pay be credit card, you want your a payment gateway to work. You really don’t expect to get an Error 500. And yet, that is what happened when your customers attempted to pay via your PaymentExpress gateway recently. We’re very sorry that happened.

We looked at the code, and realised that we were using an older version of the gateway. We updated to the latest version, and everything worked again.

Updated nightly import from SAP Business One, so Favourites list is synced correctly

We heard that your Favourites were not syncing up correctly in SAP Business One, and we took a look to see why that was and how we could fix it for you. We discovered that we needed to update our nightly import to rebuild your Favourites list each night. We did this, and it works for you now

Improvements to the Favourites user experience

There were a few issues with the user experience using the Favourites feature. This is now fixed. Click Managing favourites groups for more information about using this feature.

Bug fixes in Aphix SalesRep

Layout updated for better user experience

We noticed that the Favourites image was blocked by the quantity box. This has now been fixed.

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