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March 2021

Aphix Digital Platform

New features

Improved catalogue management

Our API is a set of endpoints that allows merchants to more easily import catalogue from other catalogue management or eCommerce systems. It is designed to allow third party sites to read and import products & categories, place orders, and read order statuses. 

Key points

  • Login credentials are mandatory.
  • The API must be used by administration staff as a back office tool to update your catalogue in conjunction with an import tool or script.
  • The API has not been designed to operate as an interactive API; that is, one whose endpoints include customer-facing tags that allow rendering to a website as part of what is returned by a call to an endpoint. As a result, our API must be used as part of a backend process to synchronize with another system.

We've updated some of our endpoints to provide additional support, as follows:

  • Using customer product lists to retrieve data from restricted catalogues.
  •  Get the current order status, tracking number and logistics partner of a previously placed order

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with SAP Business One.

  • Order customer specific part codes provided you have Alternative Catalog Numbers for Business Partners configured in your SAP Business One instance.

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Manage your cookie notice and cookie policy

One of the ePrivacy Regulations, commonly referred to as the EU Cookie Directive, specifies what consent is needed to manage cookies and other similar technologies. Typically, cookies required to run a service do not require explicit content, while others used to perform other activities (for example, marketing cookies) do require explicit consent.

Since it's essential to comply with legislation, we've just made it easier to meet the EU Cookie Directive. Firstly, we provide a standard cookie notice and cookie policy for WebShop. Additionally, we've just launched easy to use controls in Aphix Management Interface to allow you to configure both your cookie notice and cookie policy pages.

Read about Essential pages included with Aphix WebShop. Once you've read the overview, read about configuring your cookie notice and policy here

New payment gateway integration

We've added another payment gateway!

Aphix Digital Platform now integrates with PayTrail -  a secure payment gateway based in Finland. Our PayTrail integration supports order payments and payments on account (invoice payments). Aphix Digital Platform does not store or process credit card details.

Read our feature guide on Payment Gateways that integrate with Aphix WebShop - you'll see we integrate with payment Gateways that interact with banks all around the world!

Include receipt type code with payment order

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with Intact iQ.

Here's the scenario: when your customers place orders, you want to record in Intact iQ what payment type your customers used to pay and, if you have multiple currencies, in which currency the payment was made. Let me introduce a new feature that covers this scenario: the receipt type code.

Once configured, each order placed from your WebShop can be configured to send both a payment type and a receipt type code, which are then automatically added to your ERP. 

Key points

  • If you have a  payment gateway enabled but no receipt type code configured for that payment gateway, a default receipt type code is sent.
  • Conversely, if you have receipt type codes configured for payment gateways that are not used, those receipt type codes won't be sent to your ERP

Bug fixes

Delivery address details reset when placing orders

You set us a very interesting challenge with this issue: if you started to place an order in one browser tab, continued in another and then returned to the first tab to complete checkout, the delivery address wasn’t populated correctly and orders were placed which had incomplete delivery options. We took a deep breath, rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We fixed this by adding some extra session tokens, so that if you do accidently move between browser tabs when placing your order, you’ll be moved to the right place in the checkout process so you can confirm the delivery address.

Changes to product option values not saved in Aphix Management Interface

For some of you, there was a problem saving changes to product options manually in Aphix Management Interface. We checked our code and found what was causing the issue. There was a problem with data syncing across the site for product option data, which we fixed. Modify your product options to your heart’s content now, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be saved correctly.

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