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May 2020

 ERP Updates

We’ve been working hard on improving and extending ERP coverage , and this month we’ve got news of updates to all the ERPs that we integrate with.


We’ve updated our standard offering so that as standard, you can select to integrate your S4/Hana system with Aphix Digital Platform. Your S4/Hana system is integrated with Aphix Digital Platform using a set of web services provided by your S4 / Hana partner.

Intact iQ

We’ve added support for Intact iQ’s internal “Convert Quote to Sales Order“ function. You can now copy across kits and treatment charges from a quote to a sales order.

Sage 200

We’ve added support for adding a discount to the “Additional Charges” section of a order in Sage 200.

 What's new in Aphix PocketShop?

SagePay payment gateway integration

We’ve expanded functionality to give you a choice about how your customers pay for the orders they place. It was already possible to pay on account, but now we’ve added a new feature that allows your customers to pay by credit card.

As a merchant, you can integrate PocketShop with SagePay payment gateway. This is great news for you because it means that you can collect payments more efficiently. You can be assured that your customer's payment details are secure since we are using PCI compliant SagePay as our payment gateway.

More information

Read Paying for orders in PocketShop for more information on how to set this up and how it works.

Barcode scanner

Want to easily locate products in your product catalogue on Aphix PocketShop? Our new barcode scanner really helps with that! Simply click on the scanner icon, allow your camera to scan a barcode, scan the barcode and the barcode scanner does the rest. It searches through your products and returns a product match. Again, another efficient way of searching and locating specific products using PocketShop.

Remember to update the product’s “Meta Keywords” which you can do through Aphix Management Interface. The barcode scanner uses “Meta Keywords” to locate the product.

More infomation

Read Using barcode scanner in PocketShop to discover more.

Fixed in Aphix PocketShop

  • You told us that images on the PocketShop home screen were not looking great. We took a look, changed some code and now the images scale correctly. Success!
  • We found a bug where the links to the articles listed in the Latest News section of PocketShop were pointing to articles on WebShop. That’s not good, right? Our development team took some time to parse the links and point them to the correct location so you can now happily open articles within PocketShop.
  • We heard that the correct currency code wasn’t being used in some instances. It looked like the prices were in € when they should have be in £. Again, we dug into the code, found the problem and fixed it. Now your prices are listed with the correct currency code.

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