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November 2020

 What's new with Aphix Management Interface?

New Wufoo integration with Management Interface

Wufoo (by SurveyMonkey) is an online form builder, which allows you to collect data and to automate your workflow. Now, you can integrate a Wufoo form directly into your WebShop, making it easier and more efficient to gather information and automate your eCommerce processes. You do this by including your Wufoo username and API key on a page within the Settings section in your Management Interface. You can also assign default values to each field in your form.

More information

Read our feature guide on Integrating Wufoo forms  for more detail.

Price on Application products

Our Price on Application feature allows you to request the customer to contact you for more information about these products. Click here to find out more about what this feature is and how it works.

Contact us to discuss switching this feature on.

More product reports to help you keep your product catalogue in tip-top shape!

We've added in three more product reports that you can download:

  • No parent products - product options that have non-existent parent products. We recommend that they are deleted.
  • Deleted options - options that are no longer valid for a particular product. For example, you may no longer stock red shoes, so the red product option should be removed.
  • Malformed options - product options that are missing elements. For example, a shirt needs a colour and a size, and only the size is provided. We recommend that you correct the product options so that all missing elements are included in the product description.
  • Orphaned kit products - Uniform management only - kits that can no longer be found in the product catalogue

You can determine how to maintain your product catalogue by looking at the Product Reports screens.  Product Reports are only listed for download if issues with specific products are identified.

More information

Read our updated article on how to use Product Reports to keep your product catalogue up to date for more information.

 What's new with Aphix SalesRep?

Display custom product labels

Want your sales team to know minimum and multiple pack quantities before they place their orders into your ERP? The answer is product labels and we've recently launched this feature  for SalesRep! You can choose to display custom labels, such as "pack size", "available stock" or "selling units".

Talk to us during your application build to have these configured in your SalesRep application.

 What's new with Aphix PocketShop?

If you've ever had questions about what PocketShop is, how its many features work or what's involved in adding it to your sales toolkit, then our new Frequently Asked Questions section is for you.  Check it out here.

Bug fixes in Aphix Management Interface

Issue with some product reports returning Error 500 page

The Product Report feature allows you to maintain the accuracy and completeness of your product catalogue. An issue was found where an Error 500 page is returned when the following three product reports were run: Without images, Without keywords and Without meta description. We've fixed this issue, and these reports run as required now.

More information

Read how to keep your product catalogue up to date using the Product Reports feature.

Fixed compatibility issue between two features

An issue was raised where orders that required approval could not be submitted. This issue occurred when both the strict credit rules and order approval features were enabled.

What was happening was that strict credit was preventing the order being approved, even if it was in an order approvals list.

We’ve fixed the issue.

Terms used
Strict creditThe customer is not allowed to place an order if the combined credit balance on their account and the total of the current order exceeds their credit limit, which has been obtained from your ERP.
Order approvalFeature that allows you to review orders prior to submitting them to your ERP.

More information

Click here to read our guide on Approving orders.

Fixed web service so you can add new products

We discovered from you that there was an issue adding new products from ERP; instead of the process adding the product, you were getting an Error 500 page. Uh oh! We got in touch with Intact and together discovered and resolved the bug. Your products can now be added successfully.

Bug fixes in Aphix WebShop

Removed access to pricing for customers not logged in

You let us know that it was possible for product pricing to be viewed before your customer is logged into WebShop. We understand that this information should only be visible for logged in customers. We’ve now removed access to the pricing.

Improved product details screen

The Favourites button is misaligned and covers other parts of the product details. This really didn’t look very well at all. We went ahead and fixed it, so it is visually more appealing.

Fixed bug where it was not possible to add certain postcodes

You contacted us to tell us that it wasn’t possible to add certain postcodes. The order could be placed without including the postcode. You need this vital piece of information to allow you fulfil orders efficiently. We looked into this issue, and fixed it so your WebShop now accepts these postcodes. Issue sorted!

Fixed issue where promotion codes were being applied incorrectly

We heard there was an issue with how promotion codes were applied to some orders. Having looking into it, we did discover a bug and fixed it. Promotion codes now work as you’d expect them to.

More information

Want to find out more about using vouchers and coupons in Aphix WebShop?  Read on....

Mapping issue fixed, where customers were getting discounts that they were not entitled to

One of you contacted us to let us know that some of your customers were getting discount that they were not entitled to. We dug into the code, and it turned out that we needed to remap one or two fields. It’s fixed now, so the correct discounts should apply.

Removed visibility of discontinued products

You let us know that your WebShop was displaying products that were no longer available for sale. After modifying the product import file, these products are now marked as Invisible and can not be seen on your WebShop.

Bug fixes in Aphix SalesRep

Improved interaction with Android native keyboard

The Android native keyboard is used to allow your sales team enter order data. However, you reported that after the native keyboard is closed, it was not possible to view the Active Order Panel . This meant that you could not view open orders when you returned to the catalogue.  Clearly, this isn't a good user experience, so we spent time figuring out the best way to fix this issue. We modified the code, so that when the native keyboard interacts with SalesRep it no longer hides the Active Order Panel. 

Improved how product options are viewed in SalesRep

You informed us that the product options button was not showing consistently on your product catalogue listing pages. We analysed the issue, and discovered we needed to make a few code changes so that the product options button was displayed as expected on your catalogue listing page. 

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