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Updates in 2019

Aphix eCommerce

New features and improvements


  • New payment gateways added: AIB Authipay and Llyods Pay (WS-2680). View the full list of supported payment gateways here.

  • Favourites Export / Import (WS-2732): You can mass import and export customer favourites from Aphix Management Interface. 

  • Amazon Exporter (APHIX-465): Updated to new merchant export format.

  • Support for rounding to different decimal places (WS-2212): Feature added to set the visible rounding of cents on unit prices.

  • SEO Preview in CMS (APHIX-315): This feature outlines how a Merchant can preview how a Meta Description and Title will appear on Google search through the management interface in the SEO tab.

  • Wardrobe Management Updates (WS-2777): Added import validation rules with appropriate error messages based on specific line number displayed. 

  • Voucher / Discounts By Product/Category (WS-2496): Coupons can be used to target specific categories, customers and products and only have a discount applied to those preset values. Read on feature guide on Using vouchers and coupons in WebShop.

  • Quick Edit Action on WebShop (WS-2679): Edit product and category information information quickly within WebShop.

Bug fixes


  • SAP B1 Transactions showing incorrect figures fixed (WS-2706)

  • Issues with Intact iQ Quotations - data mapping issues resolved (WS-2701) 

Aphix SalesRep

 New features and improvements


  • SalesRep V1.89 available. This version supports:

    • Check purchase history information

    • New "Quick View" on product listing screens - navigate catalogue screen on all views more easily with Grid, Detailed & List views

    • New stock labels available for use

    • Apply Discount % across multiple lines at once - apply discounts to products more easily on an order


  • SalesRep V 1.88 available. This version supports:

    • Planogram (APP-775): Enable a Rep to display and easily reorder the same products that are on a retail display.

    • New Listing Screen (APHIX-400): Updated the visuals on SalesRep to a cleaner more vibrant view on Grid page on the catalogue screen.

    • Custom Fields (APHIX-400): There are additional fields that can be set from the ERP system that can display custom fields on SalesRep.

Bug fixes


  • Android V8.0 prevented SalesRep from launching correctly (APP-804). Fixed.

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