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How do I re-order an existing order in PocketShop?

Purpose and scope

Aphix PocketShop has a three step process to compile and place orders in real-time into your ERP. While your customers can add items to the cart whether you are online or offline, you can only place the order while you are online. This ensures that the cart calculation is done immediately prior to placing the order, meaning that the most up to date prices have been obtained from your ERP.

The purpose of this article is to describe how to re-order an existing order in PocketShop.

Step by step


You are logged into Aphix PocketShop.

To re-order an existing order,:

  1. Click Order History in the drop-down menu on the Dashboard screen. This opens the order history screen.

  2. Click on the order you wish to re-order. This opens the order and lists all the items contained in the order.

  3. Verify the order and click Re-order, located on the top-right of the screen. A message is displayed, asking if you wish to add or replace these products in the cart.

    • Click Add to add the items in the open order to the cart.

    • Click Replace to replace the existing cart with the items contained in the open order.

  4. Click Cart on the top-right corner of the screen to checkout.

The checkout process follows the same steps as described in How do I place an order in PocketShop?. The same web service calls are used, and the integration points are identical.

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