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Content management (Aphix PocketShop)

Feature list

It is important for you to manage your own content. In PocketShop, the following features help you manage your own content and communicate via the app with your customers.

  • Banner management - our easy to use banner management system for hero and category banners

  • News and blog - our easy to use news and blog management system that allows you to easily update your "Latest News section"

  • Essential pages - inclusion of mandatory pages, such as links to Contact Us, and Privacy Policy pages

Want to find out more? Read Branding and managing content in Aphix PocketShop for more information.

What's standard in Aphix PocketShop?

FeatureAphix PocketShopKey points on integration
Banner management(tick)
News article management(tick)
Essential pages(tick)

More detail

Banner management

Supports easy to configure banner management (both hero and category) through your Aphix Management Interface. This allows you to change your banners at a time that suits you, and the change is instantaneous.

News article management

Supports easy to manage and update your “Latest News” section through your Aphix Management Interface. Any changes you make are instantly displayed in PocketShop.

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