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Search and filter

Feature list

Locating the product has never been easier, with our rich array of search and filter features:

  • Extensive catalogue search with search by SKU, keyword, and alternative codes all standard features
  • Visual auto-suggest from search
  • Search by category or brand
  • Powerful cross referencing
  • Dynamic search filters

Terms used

Product code

the unique code for the product.

Product option

a variation of a particular product, which the customer can select when they purchase the product; for example, a pair of shoes could have 5 size options and 4 colour options.

More detail

Catalogue search 

Search by SKU / product code, keyword or alternative code with results listed on a product listing page.

Search by category and brand

Combine several independent category trees into one more complex category tree to provide your customers a more directed navigation option as they search for products.

Dynamic search filters

Create powerful dynamic filters to help your customers locate the products they require quickly and easily.

Typically, filters are based on the current category your customer is in. Once selected, only products that fit the filter criteria are displayed.

You can set filters up on

  • Product options
  • Sub-categories
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