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Shipping and delivery

Feature list

Feature list

The following standard features support shipping and delivery logistics:

Key points on integration

When your ERP is SAP Business One, the shipping type is retrieved from and/or stored in the Shipping Type field, which can be viewed under the Logistics tab in your SAP Business One documents.

When your ERP is either Intact iQ or Sage 200, the pick-up store is set to either a default store or a store selected by your customer. Then this value is listed as the branch location on the order.

  • Display freight rates imported from your ERP

Key points on integration

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with SAP Business One

Freight types and associated pricing are managed in SAP Business One. The freight charge is added to a sales order under Freight.

More detail

Delivery due dates

Supports different methods of how your customers can select their delivery due date:

  • Displays a date picker that allows your customer to select the next available date or pick a date in the future.
  • Specify a delivery cut off time so you can manage same day / future delivery more efficiently. 
  • Add in a lead time, which restricts available delivery dates in the date picker to dates that take your lead time into account; for example, if your lead time was 3 days, the first delivery date available is today's date plus 3 days.
  • Limit available delivery dates; for example, you can configure WebShop to ensure that weekend, bank holiday or other specific dates can not be selected as a delivery date.

Shipping charges

Set your shipping charges using our shipping tiers feature, which offer you more control and flexibility by allowing you to create shipping rules in your Aphix Management Interface. It is possible for you create both flat rate charges and shipping unit charges using the shipping tiers feature.

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