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August 2021

Aphix WebShop and Aphix Management Interface

 New features

Two new payment gateways

We've added support for two more payment gateways! Aphix Digital Platform now integrates with PayGate and eComm.

Both PayGate and eComm are PCI compliant payment service providers. Our PayGate integration supports order payments while eComm supports order payments, balance payments and invoice payments.

Key points

The Aphix Digital Platform does not store or process your credit card details.

Read our feature guide on Payment Gateways that integrate with Aphix WebShop - you'll see we integrate with payment Gateways that interact with banks all around the world!

Bug fixes


Since we released our Quotations feature in May 2021, you've been giving us feedback on it. Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! You've noticed some issues with it, which we've examined and now fixed.

Managing footer links in Aphix Management Interface

The footer on each page contains useful links for your customer; including store details and top categories and/or promotions. 

You can update your footer links to point to any page in Aphix Management Interface.

You let us know that changing Footer Links did not work as expected; after updating the Footer Link settings in Management Interface, and seeing the updated links on WebShop, when you returned to verify your changes, the Footer Links were set to Root.  We reviewed the code, added some extra checks to verify that both the Footer Links in WebShop match what has been set in Aphix Management Interface.

Aphix PocketShop

Bug fixes

Issues with using the multiple delivery Addresses feature

You contacted us to let us know that there were a few issues with how using multiple delivery addresses; specifically, the delivery country is mapped incorrectly and is displayed as a number rather the country. Additionally, the first line of the address is not parsed and displayed correctly on the Confirm order screen. We took a dive into the code and fixed the mappings and display errors.

Now it all looks as it should.  Find out more about this feature here.

Unable to confirm order if Collection is selected

We heard that there was a problem confirming orders when Collection was selected as the delivery option. The issue was that it wasn't possible to select a collection location. We've synced PocketShop to extract collection locations from your ERP, so when your customers select Collection, they must select from the list provided. Once your customer selects a location to select from, they will be able to confirm and place their order.

Unable to update category banner titles

You told us that updating category banner titles caused all titles to disappear. This isn't good, so we took a look at the code and discovered a missing variable - which we immediately included. It is now possible to update category banner titles and for those updates to be displayed as you require. Phew!

Product description not displayed properly

We discovered that images and product descriptions which had been added using Aphix Management Interface were not displayed correctly in PocketShop. This wouldn't do, so we examined our code and again found one or two issues, which we have now fixed.

ERP-specific updates

SAP Business One

Aphix Digital Platform

New features

Standard naming for custom fields

To get the best out of your Aphix solution, you'll use custom fields. Custom fields are created in your ERP and are integrated with Aphix Digital Platform when your solution is built. Typically, they allow you to extend your business data so that your eCommerce solution can also use that data without compromising on its quality or integrity.

We have a standard naming convention for these custom fields - you'll have to include a prefix of "AX" for all custom fields used by Aphix web services.

Want more information? Read our feature guide on Using standard custom field names.


Aphix PocketShop

Bug fixes

Incorrect delivery details shown on invoice

What's the expected behaviour when one of your customers selects Collection when placing their order? You'd expect that the email confirmation, invoice and sales order placed in Sage all populate with the selected collection location.

Unfortunately, we discovered that these items were populated with your default delivery address.  Not a good look, and one which we fixed when we discovered it.

Expected behaviour, restored!

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