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May 2021

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Quotations in Aphix WebShop

Our Quotations feature allows your customers to create a quote for products they are interested in purchasing from you. Using this feature provides you with insight into what your customer's buying interests are, and is typically the first point of contact between you and your customer in the sales process.

This feature has been fully integrated with Intact v-Line, Intact x-Line and Intact iQ.

We've extended the web service between Aphix Digital Platform and SAP Business One, so now your customers can create and manage quotes from the comfort of their existing Aphix WebShop dashboard.

Read our Quotations in Aphix WebShop feature guide, available now!

Two new block types available

We've added two new block types to Pages, our content management system.

Firstly, you can easily add social media feeds to your Aphix WebShop using a block type called Flockler Feed. Flockler is an social media feed aggregator that allows you to combine content from a number of different social media platforms into one automated feed. Our new Flockler feed block type allows you to easily embed and display that automated social media feed on your Aphix WebShop.  Read this article on how to use the Flockler block type.

Our second new block type is called Form - Wufoo. Previously, we told you about how you can integrate Wufoo forms into your Aphix WebShop easily. The Form - Wufoo block type provides you with another and we think, much easier way to adding Wufoo forms to your WebShop. Find out more about Integrating Wufoo forms for help in getting started if you haven't already used this integration. Or read this article on how to use the Form - Wufoo block type.

Extended functionality to automatic account creation for B2B trade customers

Setting up customer accounts on Aphix WebShop couldn't be easier! Once you have well-maintained customer contact details for your trade accounts in your ERP, your customers can automatically create a WebShop account. Here's a guide explaining this feature in more detail. We've extended this feature so that now you receive a notification when your customer has successfully created an account on your WebShop. Simply specify the email address in the Order To field in Settings in your Management Interface and verification emails will be sent to that address.

More choice in how you view your category banner images 

We've added functionality so that you can add a banner image to the top of each category listing page in your product catalogue. 

To do this, open Category Management in your Management Interface and click on the category where you want to add the category banner image. Go to the Extended tab and add the image under Banner Image. Click Save to immediately update your WebShop with your new banner image. 

Key points

  • In order to view the category listing page and the category banner image displayed on it, there must be at least two products in the category.
  • The aspect ratio describes the image's width in relation to its height. The optimal aspect ratio for a category banner image is 3:1. While our default setting looks great on desktops, we haven't yet defined the optimal aspect ratio for tablets or mobile screens. Watch this space for developments in the future!

Support for non-EU sales tax in SAP Business One

We've added support for our non-EU customers who are required to collect and store sales tax information. Typically, the GST module in SAP Business One is used to capture sales tax information for non-EU customers. We've extended our web service calls so that in this scenario, sales tax is added to the OSTC table in SAP Business One.

Bug fixes

Extra data validation when using payment gateway

It's important that your debit and credit cards are secure when using our integrated payment gateways. Recently, changes were made to the Realex and Global Payments to make payments more secure. We've modified the checkout process with extra data validation. Now, when your customers checkout, they must include a phone number and billing city if they select to pay using the payment gateway. 

Search returning accurate results when using a translated WebShop

You told us that the search functionality was not working on multilingual sites. That’s not great because it slows your customer down when looking to buy a particular product! We took a look at the code, and discovered that one of the index we use for this functionality was pointing at the wrong field. We’ve updated the index; now your customers can search and accurate results are returned.

Expected cart behaviour restored

The expected checkout behaviour is that after an order is placed, the cart has been emptied. However, we discovered that this wasn't always happening, resulting in your customers placing an order and still having the items they ordered in their cart. This may have added some confusion to their experience. We dug into the code, and fixed it such that the expected behaviour happens. This result means less confusion for you and your customers when an order is placed, which to us is a success!

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