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July 2021

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Support for fast moving stock

Typically, stock availability is obtained in real-time from your ERP. However, if you may want to manage your stock differently when you are selling products very quickly and want to be sure you don't oversell any of them.

Let me introduce you to our support for fast moving stock!

Primarily aimed at B2C WebShops, when this feature is switched on, stock availability is managed within WebShop. Managing stock within WebShop reduces the number of web service calls to your ERP, making it faster for you to sell and for stock to be allocated to specific orders. Once the stock assigned to WebShop has all sold, no more stock is available until you assign more stock, thus preventing overselling.

How it works

Assign a certain amount of stock to WebShop, which reduces as the stock is sold. Checks are made against available stock when the item is added to the Cart, upon Checkout and at payment stage. Once stock availability is confirmed, orders are queued and placed into your ERP. 

Once there is no available stock left, an Out of Stock is displayed until you assign more stock to WebShop. 

Configure the stock you want to assign to WebShop in your ERP and automatically assign it to WebShop once all orders have been placed.

Key points

  • Stock can be configured in your ERP but must be assigned to WebShop.
  • Only one stock location can be used
  • Stock updates must take place at certain times - to allow for immediate stock allocation
  • The payment gateway must allow deferred payments; we support deferred payments on SagePay and GlobalPayment only

Our feature guide on Managing fast moving stock in Aphix WebShop explains this feature in more detail.

Support for Google Analytics 4

Do you want to understand your customer's behavior as they navigate your WebShop? Do you need to figure out what products are top-sellers? Do you want to improve your search engine optimisation? Integrating Google Analytics with WebShop is a good starting point. Google Analytics allows you to monitor traffic on your website and/or app.

We already support Universal Analytics.

We are delighted to share that we now also support Google Analytics 4!

Simply create a Google Analytics 4 property in your Google account, copy the Measurement ID into the Google Analytics Code field in Aphix Management Interface and start tracking your WebShop traffic!

Not sure what to do? Our feature guide on Integrating Google Analytics with Aphix WebShop explains how this feature works.

Create and share custom reports

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with SAP Business One.

Create custom reports in Aphix Management Interface that are fully integrated with SAP Business One. Share the report contents with your customers in their WebShop dashboard.

Create, edit and delete custom reports in Aphix Management Interface

You'll need to be comfortable writing SQL queries and understand the data in your ERP to use this feature, but we provide some tags to get you started.

You can create two types of custom reports:

  • Product specific data
  • Customer specific data

Share custom reports in Aphix WebShop

You can provide access to your customers to Custom Reports in either the WebShop Dashboard menu or as a tab on a product page. Additionally, for product reports, you can specify where (WebShop and/or SalesRep) the custom report is displayed.

In our example, the custom report is called Top Products.

Enforcing valid country codes

Last month, we let you know about what we are doing to help you configure your delivery country codes correctly, so that payments made through payment gateways work correctly. 

We've added extra validation to verify that you use valid country codes, and we've updated our article  "How do I configure what delivery countries I ship to?" to reflect these changes.

Bug fixes

Aphix Management Interface: Importing products via Spreadsheet returns error when PocketShop and WebShop have been deployed

Many of you let us know that spreadsheet import was returning an error when you had both PocketShop and WebShop in use. We examined the code, and discovered there was an issue syncing products with PocketShop, which we fixed. 

Aphix PocketShop

Bug fixes

Unable to reset forgotten password

The feature - to allow your customer to reset their PocketShop password themselves if they have forgotten it - has been broken for a while. We fixed it recently, and now your customers can reset forgotten passwords easily.

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