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June 2021

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

New payment gateway

We've added another payment gateway! The Aphix Digital Platform now integrates with Datafast. Our Datafast integration supports order payments and payments on account (invoice payments). 

Key points

The Aphix Digital Platform does not store or process your credit card details.

 Read the full list of supported payment gateway integrations.

Configure your delivery country codes correctly

Our payment gateway integrations must include a valid delivery address to operate in line with PSD2 rules. In particular, country codes must comply to an industry standard. We've updated how you set up country codes in Aphix Management Interface, so that you can only create delivery countries with valid country codes.

When we implemented this change, We noticed that some of you may be using invalid country codes (for example, Eng for England). This may cause orders to fail as they are rejected by the stricter PSD2 rules on delivery address validation. We've added some extra warnings to your management interface to make you aware that you need to check and update invalid country codes.

On your Dashboard, you see this warning:

When you click "please review", the delivery country set up page is opened containing the following warning: 

Call to Action

Click 'edit' to the right of each country that requires to be updated. This opens the New Country form on the entry which contains the invalid country code. Select the appropriate valid country code from the drop down list, and click Save.

Want to create a new country code?

Suppose you wish to add England as a new delivery country. 

To create a country code for England, open Settings → Countries, select New Country. This opens the New Country form that allows you to enter a country name (in this case, England) and select a valid country code from the drop-down list (in this case, United Kingdom).

Update Realex / Global Payments payment gateway

We've extended the Realex / Global payment gateway to cater for the scenario where the credit card holder has a different address to either the supplied billing and/or shipping address. The inclusion of the "credit card holder address" form means better 3D secure handling and coverage for PSD2 rules.

Improve SEO experience for multi-lingual and multi-domain WebShops

For those of you who are using a multi-lingual, multi-domain WebShop, we know how important it is to have the correct language version of WebShop content displayed for each region you operate in. Previously, we've supported this using HTML hreflang attributes. Recently, we've added the HTML x-default attribute, which means that a default language version of the WebShop is always displayed.

Terms used

The HTML hreflang attribute allows you to specify which language of the WebShop content to display in a given locale.

The HTML x-default attribute specifies a default language of the WebShop to display.

Support for displaying extra product and category fields, direct from your ERP

By default, this feature is switched off.

Want to include extra product details on your product pages or in your product listings? Now you can!

Perhaps you want to include information about the product's manufacturer, or a minimum quantity amount or a its selling unit? Talk to us about which ERP field the data is contained in, and we can configure our web service calls to import and display the data contained in that field in real-time.

Contact us for more information.

Bug fixes

Aphix Management Interface: saving items in Pages results in intermittent error message

Many of you have notified our Support Team that an intermittent error message: "Unable to connect to backend" has appeared when you are attempting to add, change or update CMS pages. We have found and implemented a solution for this issue.

Aphix PocketShop

New features

Interested in finding out more about Aphix PocketShop?

Aphix PocketShop is a mobile application that is designed to work on your Android or iOS mobile phone. It is a B2B sales app designed to help you Sell Smarter! Designed with a simple interface, it allows your customers access your product catalogue, place orders and manage their accounts in an efficient and timely way. Built on top of Aphix Digital Platform, and integrating with your ERP, it comes packed with a vast array of functionality to help your customers order and re-order with ease. As standard, we support integration with SAP Business One, Intact iQ and Sage 200 ERPs.

Find out more about the features that come as standard in Aphix PocketShop.

Support for managing delivery addresses, direct from your ERP

We've added support to allow you to select a delivery address from a list of existing delivery addresses that have been retrieved from your ERP during the checkout process. Using this feature allows you easily send orders to the correct delivery contact and address. For example, it is useful where the delivery contact or address are different to the billing contact and address. Delivery contacts and addresses are set up and/or modified in your ERP.

How it works

By default, the delivery address is set to the "ship to" or default delivery address. If this address does not exist, then your billing address is used as the default. When you checkout, a drop-down list of delivery addresses are displayed on the Delivery screen. Select the address you wish to use, and proceed to Checkout.

Decide if you want the PO reference field to be optional or not

We've updated Aphix PocketShop to allow you to specify whether you want the PO reference field to be optional or mandatory.

Delivery or collection location mandatory

We've listened to your feedback that PocketShop would be better if the delivery location or collect in-store location fields were required. In response, we've made both fields were mandatory. An error message is displayed, as shown, if these fields are not populated.

Bug fixes

Inline images not displayed correctly

We discovered that there was an issue displaying images in PocketShop's catalogue. Both the product image in the product listing and images associated with a product description were missing. We determined that images were not displayed correctly because we used the incorrect URL to locate the image. We've updated it and now we use absolute URLS to locate images. This means that your products are now displayed as you want them to be.

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