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June 2022

Aphix WebShop and Management Interface

New features

Support for managing how you display your delivery country dropdown list

Have you one or two countries that you typically deliver orders to? Now you can set them as preferred delivery countries, which means they appear at the top of the dropdown list of delivery addresses during Checkout in Aphix WebShop. More than one preferred country? All pinned countries are listed alphabetically at the top of the dropdown list of delivery addresses.

For example, if you wish France to be a preferred country, pin it as such in Aphix Management Interface.  Read our feature guide on how to this.

When your customer Checkouts, France is listed as the first country on the list, as shown:

New way to manage your categories: support for multiple departments

A simple category tree is one which has a single parent with multiple children. This allows you to curate a category tree that has, for example, a product brand with models associated with the brand listed under it, making it easier for your customers to browse your products more easily.

Up until now, you could (and still can!) add categories and place them where you want them to appear in your category tree, either individually using the category management configuration tool or in bulk using the category import/export spreadsheet feature. We've extended the category import/export spreadsheet feature so that you can easily set up a simple category tree to showcase your products.

The format of the spreadsheet for a simple category tree is:

Column name





Category Tree

Column description

Product code / SKU

Product name

Parent category in simple category tree

Child category in simple category tree

Existing category in category tree


You have a brand called CARS, and three models called ELECTRIC, DIESEL and PETROL. There are number of different products that are ELECTRIC, DIESEL and PETROL.

To set up a simple category tree,

  1. Download a copy of your existing category tree using the category import/export spreadsheet feature in Aphix Management Interface to download a copy of your existing category tree.

  2. Add two columns between Code and Category Tree in the spreadsheet and name them. In this example, they would be called "Brand" and "Model".

  3. Populate the spreadsheet with your new data: 

    CodeNameBrandModelCategory Tree
    100Golf HybridCARSELECTRIC
    101Golf DieselCARSDIESEL
    102Golf PetrolCARSPETROL

  4. Upload the updated category spreadsheet using the category import/export spreadsheet feature in Aphix Management Interface. 

  5. Add products to the new categories.

Key points

  • Create the new categories in Aphix Management Interface before downloading category tree information.

  • The new categories must be listed between the Code and Category Tree columns in the downloaded spreadsheet.

  • Always include the Category Tree when creating or updating the simple category tree. If it is not included, products are unassigned from the existing category tree, which affects how your products are viewed in Aphix WebShop.

Want to understand more about category management? Our feature guide on Understanding category management in Aphix WebShop has you covered!

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