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October 2020

 What's new with Aphix Management Interface?

Restrict Aphix WebShop content to a specific set of customers

Do you want to restrict access to a certain section of your WebShop?

Now you can: create a customer group, then create the page(s) or blocks of content you wish to restrict to that customer group.

Restrict coupons and vouchers by specified email address

An existing feature that allows your customers to apply coupons and vouchers to their orders. We've extended the functionality of this feature so that you can now restrict a voucher for a set number of times for a specific email address.

We've also updated the Management Interface so that you can see when your customers are using their vouchers and coupons.

Our feature guide on using vouchers and coupons in Aphix WebShop provides more information.

What's new with Aphix WebShop?

We've added another payment gateway!

The Aphix Digital Platform now integrates with PayWay -  another PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway. Our PayWay integration supports order payments and payments on account (invoice payments). The Aphix Digital Platform does not store or process credit card details.

 What's new with Aphix PocketShop?

Pricing and stock synchronisation with your ERP

We've improved technical architecture of Aphix PocketShop. For you, this means that changes that you make in your ERP to both stock and pricing are now reflected correctly in your customer's PocketShop. 

Two-step login

When you or your customers log into PocketShop, it takes some time to download all data necessary for it to run correctly. We wanted to speed up this process, so your customers can start using PocketShop as quickly as possible. The data has been divided into two data-sets: Dataset 1 includes user information and data required to initially run PocketShop, while Dataset 2 contains your product, pricing and stock data.  

Rest assured that the login process for your customers remains the same: they input their username and password and click Login.

Step 1 logs your customer in and presents them with the options available in PocketShop. Once your customer is logged in, step 2 commences.

Step 2 downloads the remaining data (Dataset 2). There is a blue progress bar, as shown, while Step 2 is running. The progress bar turns green when the process is finished and the data has been fully downloaded and synchronised. 

Bug fixes in Aphix WebShop

Fixed mapping so that modified delivery address is imported into SAP Business One correctly

You told us that when your customers changed their delivery address during the checkout process, the new delivery address details were not imported correctly to SAP Business One. We mapped the address fields to the corresponding ones in SAP, and the issue was fixed.

Banner image width increased

One of you let us know that there was a problem with your high resolution image becoming pixelated when imported as a hero banner. We changed the width of the image from 1800px to 2400px, so that your images are displayed as you would like to see them in your WebShop.

Updated Uniform Management orphaned product report

The Uniform Management system integrates with the Aphix Digital Platform. Its purpose is to manage the purchase and distribution of uniform kits or packs for your customer's employees. One of the reports used by Uniform Management - the orphaned product report - was including kits that no longer existed in your ERP. This was a issue for you since it required manual intervention to verify the report's accuracy. However, we took this feedback on board, and modified the report so that kits that no longer exist in your ERP are excluded from this report. This fixed the issue for you. We're happy that the report is now more accurate.

Updated currency code so payment gateway option is displayed

We learnt from one merchant that their customers could not place their orders because the "Pay with credit card" option was not displayed. After examining the issue, we discovered that the currency code for sterling orders needed to be set to STG. Once this was done, the "Pay with credit card" option became available and your customers could place and pay for their orders.

Bug fixes in Aphix PocketShop

Fixed pricing issue

It was reported to us that there was a pricing problem on PocketShop where prices did not show discounted values. We dug into the code, saw what the issue was and updated the code to fix it. The PocketShop app now includes the fix, and now your prices are displayed correctly with their applicable discounted values.

Barcode scanner updates

We've made two improvements to how the PocketShop barcode scanner is set up and used:

  • Barcodes are now imported into Aphix Digital Platform as part of the regular synchronisation process, and the PocketShop barcode scanner locates products from these imported fields.   
  • By default, the barcode scanner in Android i0S stays in portrait view.

More information

Read our updated Using barcode scanner in PocketShop feature guide for more information.

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