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Administrating customer self-service options in Aphix PocketShop

Purpose and scope

As a merchant, providing your customers with options to allow your customers manage their own accounts makes a lot of sense. It allows them to order or re-order products as and when they wish to, given that Aphix PocketShop is designed as a mobile application.

Aphix PocketShop has a number of self-service options, which allow your customers to


Encouraging your customers to download the Aphix PocketShop application and use it regularly to place orders with you has a number of important benefits, including:

  • Customers can personalise how they order through PocketShop. This can been done through creating Favourites of products they order regularly or by using the Recent Products feature, which lists products customers have ordered recently.

  • Your customers are able to search or browse your catalogue, and have real-time indications of both price and stock availability

  • It may reduce support calls for you, since your customers can now review their order history and transactions easily and at time that suits them.

  • It allows you to gather information about your customer’s behaviour, and act on that information to refine what products you sell

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