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Barcode scanner (Aphix PocketShop)

Feature list   

Located on the top of each PocketShop screen, our built-in barcode scanner:

  • Allows your customers to scan barcodes to find and order products quickly and easily

  • Available on both Android and iOS versions

  • Supports many barcode types including EAN (International Article Number), UPC (universal product code) and QR code. 

What's standard in Aphix PocketShop?


Aphix PocketShop

Key points on integration

Barcode scanner


Supports many barcode types including EAN (International Article Number), UPC (Universal Product Code) and QR code. Here's the full list of what's supported.

More detail

Supported barcode types

A barcode is a symbology (or encrypted terminology) that contains information about a particular item; in this case, it contains information about your many different products. There are many different barcode types - each type having different pros and cons.

Aphix supports the following barcode types:

Both Android and iOs


QR Code

Quick Response

Data matrix

2D barcode that can contain a large quantity of information


Universal Product Code


Universal Product Code


International Article Code

EAN 13

International Article Code

Code 128

Compact code based on ASCII with a switching setting that means it can be optimized for barcode length

Code 39

Discrete, self-checking, variable length code


14 digit bar code that uses the “Interleaved 2 of 5” barcode symbology

Android only
Code 93Alphanumeric, numeric variable barcode length; an extension of Code 39
CodabarLinear barcode symbology
RSS14Abbreviated from Reduced Space Symbols. This barcode symbology encodes 14 digits and can be scanned omni-directionally.
PDF417Stacked limear 2D barcode type
RSS ExpandedAbbreviated from Reduced Space Symbols. This barcode symbology can encode 74 numeric or 41 alphabetic characters. It can be scanned omni-directionally.
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