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August 2022

Aphix WebShop

New features

New features

Update to custom reports feature

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with SAP Business One.

Previously, we shared information about a new feature which allowed you to create custom reports in Aphix Management Interface that are fully integrated with SAP Business One. You can then share the report contents with your customers in their WebShop dashboard.

You can create two types of custom reports:

  • Product specific data

  • Customer specific data

As we mentioned, you'll need to be comfortable writing SQL queries and understand the data in your ERP to use this feature, but we provide some tags to get you started. 

We've extended this feature so that you can now include the Exec method in your SQL queries.

Read our updated feature guide on Using Custom Reports in Aphix Management Interface.

Updates to the Intact iQ REST web service

Only available where Aphix WebShop is integrated with Intact iQ using the REST web service.

As you know, Aphix Digital Platform is integrated to your ERP via a set of web services calls1 to and from a standard data interface in Intact iQ. Currently, we support two different web services for Intact iQ customers - SOAP2 and REST3. Read Aphix Digital Platform and your ERP for more information about how this integration works.

In particular, we've 

  1. Made some improvements to the Intact iQ REST web service so that coupons applied in WebShop are transferred and applied successfully on sales order line items when the order is placed correctly in Intact iQ.

  2. Enabled carriage functionality using delivery agent services. This brings the REST web service in line with the SOAP web service for what we currently offer for this feature.


1 A web service is a service that allows two disparate systems communicate with each other via a standard messaging system.

2 SOAP stands for Single Object Access Protocol, and is a protocol used to send and receive structured data in XML using standard web service calls.

3 REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer, and is a protocol used to send and receive data using standard web service calls.

New area in Aphix Assist - Let's Troubleshoot 

We've added a new section to Aphix Assist, and have called it Let's Troubleshoot. It contains answers to questions you commonly asked, such as What steps can I take when my WebShop or SalesRep is offline? or How do I install a cookie-script using Google Tag Manager? This month, we've added a new article explaining what happens to a product in your customer's Cart if its status has changed before the order is placed.  Why not check it out here?

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