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January 2024

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🆕 New platform features

We’re delighted to share that we have added an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the list of ERP systems that we integrate with.

Read Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centralfor a full list of what standard product features are available when you integrate experlogix Digital Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

🆕 New features in WebShop

Share customer feedback on your WebShop

Extend your online presence with more apps available in our App Store. We’ve added an app that allow you to integrate product review software directly on your product listing and product description pages.

Now you can install a app from within our App Store. is review collection service that helps you to gather and display customer feedback. The integration between and WebShop supports two widget types: the Product Reviews widget and the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy).


Once configured and activated (read How do I configure and manage, customer feedback is displayed on the product listing and product description pages.


  • You must have an active product feed in to populate the Product Rating Snippet (Legacy) widget on your WebShop’s product listing and description pages.

  • An active product feed is not required to integrate the Product Reviews widget into WebShop.


Improved Translations user experience

Your industry or region may have different terms or phrases for standard elements in an eCommerce shop. Our Translations feature allows you to

  • update and display field labels and error messages that are in the Aphix WebShop user interface with terms and phrases of your own.

  • update and display field labels and error messages in multiple languages. We currently support: English (UK), English (US), Dutch (Netherlands), French, German and Spanish.

We’ve improved your user experience by updating the Edit Translation screen. Now from this screen, you can easily view and revert to the system default message, add new translations in another language and easily update your field labels and error messages for installed and activated languages.


The Translations feature is primarily used to update field labels and error messages in WebShop.

Did you know that we also offered functionality that allow you to import translations for products and categories in your selected configured languages? Find our about our language support in WebShop?

New payment gateway

We’ve added another payment gateway!

Our platform now integrates with humm, a “Buy Now, Pay Later” platform. Integrate with WebShop, and humm can be used with connected partners.

Our platform does not store or process your card details. Read our feature guide to discover the many payment gateways that we integrate with.


🆕 New features in SalesRep

More support for debtor management

The Accounts screen in SalesRep lists your customers, which have been imported from your ERP. We’ve updated this integration, so that an indicators of a customer’s credit status are also imported from your ERP and are displayed beside the customer’s name on the customer list.

Typically, these indicators - including ON STOP, OVER LIMIT, OVERCL - are mapped from your ERP during setup. Different credit status indicators are displayed depending on criteria applied when the customer data is retrieved from your ERP. For example,

  • The ON STOP badge is displayed if the account has been set to on hold.

  • The OVER LIMIT badge is displayed if the customer’s credit limit minus their balance is less than 0.


Remember you can use our Translations feature to change the label for each credit status badge.

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