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November 2022

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🆕 New features in Aphix WebShop

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor website traffic on your Aphix WebShop. We currently support both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. However, Universal Analytics will no longer be supported by Google from 1st July 2023. If you are currently using Universal Analytics to monitor website traffic, we suggest you migrate to Google Analytics 4.

To migrate, create a Google Analytics measurement ID, and enter it in the Analytics code field under Settings in Aphix Management Interface.

Read our Including Google Analytics in Aphix WebShop feature guide for more infomation.

Aphix App Store

The Aphix App Store gives you more control over setting up and managing integrations between Aphix WebShop and other 3rd party suppliers. Accessed from the Configuration menu in Aphix Management Interface, it comes packed with apps, such as payment gateways, marketing tools and more, that you can activate, manage and de-activate in your own time. Or why not take a look at other products in our range, such as our SmartPacks or eProcurement products? There’s a built-in, easy to use search feature that allows you locate uninstalled apps from a drop-down list of categories.

Read our feature guide on Using our App Store in Aphix Management Interface for more information!

Key points

There are different app types contained in our App Store:

  • Apps marked Free are included with our standard product.

  • Apps marked Premium have an additional cost associated with them so contact our Sales team to find out more.

Introducing SmartPacks

Contact our Sales team to find out more.

Our standard eCommerce product comes packed with functionality and features that are designed to help you Sell Smarter!

We are excited to launch add-on SmartPacks, that contain features designed to support you as you grow your business - you’ll be sure to find a SmartPack that suits your industry! Here’s the specific SmartPacks we currently sell and support.

Digital Marketing SmartPack

Supercharge your marketing efforts with our Digital Marketing SmartPack, which includes:

  • Integration with Google Shopping

  • Integration with Klaviyo

  • Integration with Flockler

Builders Merchant SmartPack

Sell Smarter in the building and construction sector with our Builders Merchant SmartPack, which includes:

  • Multi-branch store management: allow your customers collect their ordered based on branch location and/or stock availability

  • More granular stock rule configuration

  • Split cart: allow your customers to create and place orders with different delivery and collection options

  • Calculator: tool that calculates how many packs of a product are required to cover a specified area

Machinery and Spare Parts SmartPack

Transform your machinery and spare parts business with our Machinery and Spare Parts SmartPack, which includes:

  • Additional search and filter options

  • Display superseded products

  • Include branded pages 

  • Show a promise date, if the product is out of stock

  • Display links that are "Compatible with" the listed products

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned next year as we launch even more SmartPacks that help you Sell Smarter!

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