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Brightpearl Customer Portal

Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly with Brightpearl, allowing you to use and extend your business data online without compromising its quality and integrity. Data is requested and sent through a standard data interface using a REST web service.

Aphix integrates with Brightpearl to provide you with a

  • Customer Portal - designed to be used by customers to view their order history, quotations, delivery addresses and account details.

  • Automated and integrated purchase order process - designed to be used by suppliers to allow Brightpearl suppliers view, manage and fulfil orders.

This article defines the standard product features for the Brightpearl Customer Portal once it is integrated with the Aphix Digital platform.

Remember Aphix Digital Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This means that you do not need to update anything in your system when we deploy updates or additions to the web service used between your ERP and Aphix - you simply get access to more functionality and features.

Introducing some concepts and terms used in this article



Aphix Digital Platform

suite of eCommerce and mobile products that integrate in real time with your ERP and back office systems, and provides you connectivity to various digital marketplaces on one secure and robust platform.


a person to whom products are sold, and whose details are stored under Customers in Brightpearl.

Enterprise resource platform (ERP)

a collection of your critical business operating systems, such as product, stock levels, financial, customers, suppliers and so on that run on the same platform.

Representational State Transfer

(REST), and is a protocol used to send and receive data using standard web service calls.


a person who supplies products to be sold, and whose details are stored under Suppliers in Brightpearl.


is either a customer or a supplier as defined in this feature guide.

Web service

service that allows two disparate systems communicate with each other via a standard messaging system.

Feature list

As standard, integrating Aphix with the Brightpearl Customer Portal offers you the following features:


  • Use Settings in Aphix Management Interface to brand the Login screen and in the header of the Portal.

Account management

Customer account management
  • Allow users to create their own accounts

  • Allow users to manage their own accounts with secure login and reset password functionality

  • Supports gated login

Merchant account management
  • Provide access to Aphix Management Interface

  • Enable or disable features in Settings

  • On behalf of customers, administrators can create and edit (including deactivating) customer accounts in Aphix Management Interface

  • On behalf of customers, administrators can update customer passwords

Customer self-service

  • View account details, including credit limits and balance

  • Manage and update your delivery addresses

  • View your order history & add comments to an order

  • View and print commercial documents, such as invoices and credit notes

Sales order processing

  • Share quotations via email

  • Manage delivery addresses, with functionality to add new delivery addresses directly into your Brightpearl ERP

  • Convert quotations to orders, using a workflow that directs you through including delivering details, specifying payment methods and placing the order directly into your Brightpearl ERP

Integrating with external tools

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