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August 2023

🆕 New features in Aphix WebShop

Updates to events captured in Google Analytics 4

Did you know you could integrate Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Aphix WebShop to record how your customers interact with WebShop? When integrated, GA4 tracks your customer’s journey through WebShop, including page views, bounce rate, conversion and purchase rate. We’ve updated our integration to include capture and tracking of additional events -

  • Search

More infomation

Captures search terms entered.

Triggered when your customer enters a search term in the WebShop search bar.

  • View item list

More information

Captures category and item information.

Triggered when your customer views a product category list or a search query list.

  • View Cart

More information

Captures details of what is in your customer’s Cart.

Triggered when your customer views their Cart.

  • Remove product

More information

Captures details of what your customer has removed from their Cart.

Triggered when your customer removes a product from their Cart or when their entire Cart is cleared.

Read Including Google Analytics in Aphix WebShop for full details on what events we support.

Since July 1st 2023, Universal Analytics are no longer supported by Google.

To use Google Analytics 4 in Aphix WebShop, create a Google Analytics measurement ID, and update your settings in Management Interface. Read our step by step guide on how to set GA4 up.

View credit notes in Aphix WebShop

Supported on SAP Business One and Intact iQ

We’ve added integration points to our SAP Business One and Intact iQ web services so that credit note information can be retrieved from these ERPs. Once retrieved, the data is displayed in your customer’s “My Account” under the Finance tab.

Intact iQ

Credit notes information is stored as PDF files in Intact iQ. The web service call retrieves credit note PDFs, and displays them as a list under the Finance tab in “My Account”. Your customer selects one to view, download or print.

SAP Business One

Credit note information are stored in the ORIN and RIN1 tables in SAP. The web service call retrieves the credit note information where transaction type is Credit, and displays them as a list under the Finance tab in “My Account“. Your customer selects one to view or print the credit note. The information is rendered using a standard template stored within Aphix.

Read Viewing invoices and credit notes in Aphix WebShop for more information.

Updates to Management Interface

We’ve taken your feedback, and made more improvements to our Management Interface.

App Store: We’ve updated the search in our App Store, so that it returns useful information when you search on a keyword. We added in a Clear Search button to allow you to quickly refresh and search again.

See the screen

Product tax codes: We’ve included extra messages which are displayed on the product tax codes screen when you manually edit or upload files containing tax codes that may be incorrect or incomplete.


Product tax codes must be alphanumeric. In this example, I entered a numeric tax code into the spreadsheet.

Then, I imported the spreadsheet, and a message is displayed indicating that some product tax codes were not imported due to their incorrect formatting.

Watch a product webinar again!

Product Webinar recordings are now available for you to watch again; simply click Product Webinars on the Aphix Assist landing page and select which webinar recording you wish to watch.

We’ve updated the Product Webinars area to include the latest webinars on:

🆕 New features in Aphix SalesRep

We’ve launched a new version of Aphix SalesRep, our cloud-based B2B sales app. Designed to help your field sales and in-store representatives, Aphix SalesRep has functionality that allow your staff to review or place orders in your ERP in real-time, conduct sales negotiations based on past sales with a particular customer and manage their customer accounts wherever and whenever they want to.

Here’s what our new version delivers for you:

Improved documentation

Need to find out more about how SalesRep works? Head over to the Aphix SalesRep section on Aphix Assist, where you will find an expanded set of feature guides, and an updated set of FAQS.

Maybe you want to know the specifications that tablets running SalesRep require? Or perhaps you want a high level understanding of the different SalesRep screens and how they fit together? Possibly, you want to become more familiar with the sales order processing workflow, and the additional features that are supported in SalesRep?

All these questions and more are answered and explained in our expanded SalesRep section.

Streamline the order creation workflow

In May, we shared that we streamlined how to create an order. This month, we continue to streamline the order creation workflow by updating how orders are created from within the Recent Products and Favourite's tabs for a chosen customer. Read our feature guides on Using Favourites in Aphix SalesRep and Using Recent Products in Aphix SalesRepfor more information.

Enter decimal quantities

While most products are ordered in whole numbers, some products can be ordered as a fraction or decimal of a whole number. We have added a new feature whereby you can now add decimal quantiles for products on any screen where you add a product to an order. The prices are automatically updated to take account of the exact quantity ordered.

Read Placing an order in Aphix SalesRep to refresh your knowledge on how to place an order in SalesRep.

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