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Screen layout: App Store


The App Store provides access to a set of third party integrations and Premium add-ons that you can configure and manage. While this article sets out the screen layout for the key options within the App Store, the Using our App Store in Aphix Management Interface feature guide explains how to to configure and manage different integrations in greater detail.

How it fits together

The App Store has a Search facility that allows you to search for tools to integrate with, either using free text or by filtering categories.

You can add, manage and remove apps from the following categories:

Payment gateways

A payment gateway is a service that allows you to accept and authorize credit or debit card payments securely. Our App Store gives you control over configuring and managing the top ten payment gateways that we currently integrate with our Aphix WebShop, as shown:

Our App Store contains a subset of payment gateways that we integrate with. Read our Integrating a payment gatewayfeature guide for a full list of supported gateways.

Third party add-ons

Our third party add-ons come with our standard Aphix eCommerce product. Configure these tools to have more control over different aspects of your Aphix WebShop’s operation.

The following add-ons are available for you configure:

Industry SmartPack

This is a Premium add-on. Contact our Sales team to find out more.

Industry SmartPacks extend our standard eCommerce product with contain extra features that are designed specifically for the industry sector you work in.

We offer the following industry specific SmartPacks:

Digital Marketing SmartPack

This is a Premium add-on. Contact our Sales team to find out more.

The Digital Marketing SmartPack is an add-on with specific features that power up your marketing efforts.

It contains the following features:

Read our product specification for more details on what is included in the Digital Marketing SmartPack.

eProcurement products

This is a Premium add-on. Contact our Sales team to find out more.

Three addons are included in this category, as shown:

Each addon includes extra features that extend Aphix WebShop.

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